High Tech Modellbahnen 7025 White LED 2 Pieces

High Tech Modellbahnen 7025 White LED 2 Pieces
High Tech Modellbahnen 7025 White LED 2 Pieces High Tech Modellbahnen 7025 White LED 2 Pieces
Brand: High Tech Modellbahnen
Product Code: 7025
Availability: 2-3 Weeks
Price: $21.50
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High Tech Modellbahnen 7025 White LED 2 Pieces
HTM 7025

This product is technically similar to the other receptacles, but has a specially aligned design. The prototype is shown on the photo. In the background the regular receptacle 7000. Note the new, very small condenser. In the serial production, the board will be as thin as the other receptacles and much smaller as on the photo. More detailed photos and the component will follow as soon as serial production will be available.

The product consists out of two separate electronic boards. They each have one circuit letting a white LED shine with constant brightness, no matter to what regulation step the controller is tuned. Precondition is that you have a pulsed voltage or a pulse width control. Thanks to its optimal form, you can simply replace the existing bulb with this component. It fits perfectly into the prepared receptacle. The article consists out of one set, which means always two pieces are shining in one running direction. The color of the light resembles the natural white of an LED. There is not even a hint of a bluish cast. The white LED used by us has the most natural white light we could find on the LED-market. Of course these components only work if the original lighting has been working as well. The component can be used with analog running and track voltages up to 10 volt. Please note that higher voltages will at once destroy the LED or other parts of the electronics.
The components are suited for the following models:
BR 194
E 94
Ae 6/8

Unforunately the components are not suited for these models:
ICE old - two colored change of lights
BR216 - the bulbs are standing upright in a too small socket
control cars in general - two colored change of lights (we are working on a solution)
And all locomotives equipped by their manufacturer with maintenance-free LEDs

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