High Tech Modellbahnen 7024 White LED Railbus Motor Coach 1 Piece

High Tech Modellbahnen 7024 White LED Railbus Motor Coach 1 Piece
High Tech Modellbahnen 7024 White LED Railbus Motor Coach 1 Piece High Tech Modellbahnen 7024 White LED Railbus Motor Coach 1 Piece
Brand: High Tech Modellbahnen
Product Code: 7024
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High Tech Modellbahnen 7024 White LED Railbus Motor Coach 1 Piece
HTM 7024

This product is technically similar to the other receptacles, but has a specially aligned design.
The component comprises a complete connection for two LEDs shining in each running direction with constant brightness, no matter to what regulation step the controller is tuned. Precondition is that you have a pulsed voltage or a pulse width control. Thanks to its optimal form, you can simply replace the existing bulb with this component. It fits perfectly into the prepared receptacle. The article is made up of one piece, a small electronic board that can be inserted into the socket like a bulb. The color of the light resembles the natural white of an LED. There is not even a hint of a bluish cast. The white LED used by us has the most natural white light we could find on the LED-market. Of course these components only work if the original lighting has been working as well. The component can be used with analog running and track voltages up to 10 volt. Please note that higher voltages will at once destroy the LED or other parts of the electronics!

The motor coach has two lights built in that are shining in each running direction. Often only the front light is in use, since when employing a trailer vehicle, the rear light is switched off. For this reason, article 7024 only includes one receptacle for the front lighting. If you also require one for the back, you have to order the article twice.

The white of the LED resembles the light of modern daylight lamps, also comparable to the bright light of modern cars. We employ the LED as it is in our locomotive lighting Art.Nr. 7000, in electric locomotives and diesel locomotives. The good old railbus, even if maintained very well, always had slightly yellow lights resembling the light of a conventional bulb. Of course the lights were not as yellow as a yellow LED, but they weren't pure white either. To get as close as possible to the original, we have gradated the white LED with a special gradation lacquer. That is why the LED looks some kind of orange, on the photos as well as in reality. But do let yourself get impressed by the superb light it produces. For the very interested there is the possibility to still modify the color of the light further. To get to know more about this, read the chapter "Tips and tricks".

A special tip for solo-run motor coaches:
In the front, use article 7024 in the regular way. In the back, use article 7024, but darken the top LED with black color, so no light can shine through anymore, and color the lower LED red e.g. with Clou light bulb lacquer. Like that, you get a red backlight for your motor coach. But keep in mind that this only works in one running direction. There is no change of lights when changing the running direction. A change of lights depending on the running direction can not be realized with these components. But if you don't like your backlight anymore, you can easily wipe off the lacquer again with some thinner. For the coloring of LEDs, please read our information in the chapter "Tips and Tricks".

The component is suited for the following model:
Railbus motor coach

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