High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps

High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps
High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps
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High Tech Modellbahnen 5010 Inspection Pit With Steps
HTM 5010

This article consists out of a 13,4 cm long pit and two stair inserts that fit exactly into the pit. The article is made out of grey polystyrene and can easily be worked on with a saw, a knife or a file. For gluing, you can use handicraft-, plastic-, 2-K-, or superglue. For coloring you can use any color suitable for plastics. As most of the other plastics, this product is very sensitive to solvents.

This pit resembles the concrete version of a pit. In the original, the profiles have either been cast integral with steel anchors, or they have been directly installed on the pit afterwards. This kind of pit has been used for the first time in epoch II. The heavy weight of the tender locomotives destroyed the the brick-made pits, wooden parts of the track substructure quickly got destroyed by the weather conditions. As a consequence, the concrete version prevailed. Most of the concrete pits have been built during the epochs III and IV. They were used until the end of the steam locomotive era, in some train depots they still can be seen today. Modern pits for today's trains are also made out of concrete and then usually painted with some color. So the pit can just as well be employed for model trains from epoch V until today.

Pits are or have been used for all kinds of different purposes in the train world. They can be found very often in front of engine sheds and mainly in each stand of an engine shed. Usually the pits of the sheds were smaller than regular ones. So it is very practical that it is easy to saw through our pit 5010 in the middle and to form new completions at end of the pit with the two stairways. Like this, with only one article 5010 you can get two pits ready-to-build-in for an engine shed.

Conferred to the original, with almost 30 meters length the pit represents a typical cinder removal pit. It also can be shortened as desired, the two stairways then forming the completions at both ends.

The pit can be fitted into a clearance in the base plate. Thanks to the frame around the pit, its position has about the same height as the crosstie strip of the tracks, which means the track profiles will easily come to lie equally-leveled and exact in the designated clearances. Now with some glue the profiles can be fixed easily and reliably.

Thanks to the cast integral clearances the too high track profile of the Z tracks can easily be concealed. They are also ideal for fixing the profile, thus guaranteeing a problem-free operation of the model trains.

The pit can be illuminated with our white LED with a bluish cast that imitates well the original neon light. Place an LED on the ground every 3-5 cm, connect them through the constant light component, and tune it to a moderate brightness - this should be perfect. Placing the LEDs on the ground is recommended because there they are standing out less than when placed directly below the frame, also it is easy to provide for the cable routing through a small hole in the ground of the pit.

On the photos you can see a small diorama. It has been made by Holger Späing from www.trainini.de. The water standpipe is from the Modellsystem company. The diorama has been kindly provided to us for taking our photos.

HTM 5010 5011 Manual | Instructions

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