About Us

Ztrack Center began as a way to bring some of the more interesting products from around the world to our Z scale friends. From Marklin LED replacement lighting to some of the most interesting building kits in the world, we have assembled them under one roof for your convenience.
We work with both large manufacturers as well as small cottage businesses… you never know who’s creating the next cool accessory for Z scale.
In addition, we’re now an authorized dealer for major companies like American Z Line, Micro-Trains Line, Tenshodo and Full Throttle.
We originally made many of these products available only through our own Ztrack Magazine. It wasn’t long however before the global product lines outgrew the pages of the magazine and called for their own website, and here we are.
Since many of the products featured here at Ztrack Center are truly handcrafted pieces, from brass-etched frets to advanced electronics, we often need to order your pieces as orders are placed. In your shopping cart, these pieces are clearly marked. Between international shipping rates, the dollar to foreign currency conversion and the occasional international language barriers, we feel Ztrack Center is your best resource for some of the most interesting Z scale accessories around.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’re Z scalers here and like you, we’re here because we love the scale.

Rob Kluz
Ztrack Center

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